Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment


Since decades, we have been providing unique and customized alcohol and drug addiction treatment for the residents of United States of America. Our approach is completely different than traditional methods and we, at our luxurious drug and alcohol rehabs only focus on holistic and effective approach to end drug and alcohol addiction.

We have been known for our effective ibogaine treatment, which makes us stand tall amongst all the drug treatment centers in the world.  We concentrate on the overall recovery in patient i.e. physically, mentally and spiritually making him the perfect man to make way out in today’s society. Our special drug addiction treatment is available for dual addicted and co-occurring disordered patients.

We lay out utmost importance on the spiritual as well as mental aspects of the patients so that the patient develops confidence, determination, willpower, self-control and many more good qualities, which is necessary to succeed in this technology world.

Our professional staff members are skilled in ibogaine treatment and recovery programs. Spiritual lectures are part of our curriculum so that you will be spiritually strong. Our unique approach towards the recovery will help patient to benefit most out of the treatment at our drug and alcohol rehabs.

Our crisis response team will help you in every aspects of life. You will be amazed with the care and hospitality of our staff at our drug rehab.